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InshaAllaah in this post I will be writing about Recommended books-the very essentials.  A seperate page will detail good places to buy InshaAllaah. As a new Muslimah it can sometimes be hard to work through which books are authentic, which are not and which contain relevant knowledge and those which consist of knowledge which is relevant and interesting; but not essential to know. Now this post is entirely subjective to my personal experiences; and no scholar has said these are the books you must read (well with the exception of The Qur’an!) and in this order! Also this list is not exhaustive by any means and I will continue to add to it. The first books I will recommend are published by dar-us-salam; this publisher publishes many of the main books we need as Muslims; such as the most authentic and authorised versions of The Qur’an, Hadith collections and Tafsir. They also publish many other authentic books MashaAllaah. I would urge caution though as not all the books they publish are known to be sound; and also their bookshops and websites sell books that are not published by them as well; so proceed with care and if you ever have doubt about the authenticity of a book then don’t buy it!

First book is the Noble Qur’an; I have chosen a pocket size one as that is the easiest one to take around with you without losing any important details or information; however there are various other sizes available; including a 9-volume set with more in-depth commentary. Also you can buy the Qur’an commentary on its own; and this will be covered in another post InshaAllaah. The Noble Qur’an is also available online at Salafi publications and I’d recommend it highly; but you cannot really take that one around with you!

Noble Qur’an pocket

The second book I’d recommend; is the Summarised Sahih Al-Bukhari; again it is available online at Salafi publications; in its entirety whereas this is just a summary. But again if you want something to take around with you; this is essential.

Sahih Bukhari Summarised




Next is the summarised Sahih Muslim; again this is online at Salafi publications; I believe in its entirety. But for me personally I find it easier to search for hadiths in a real book as opposed to online; it depends on your preferences.

Sahih Muslim



Next an excellent book by Shaykh Ibn Baaz Rahimahullaah that is a work on Qur’an and its commentary, Hadith, Creed and Belief, Manners, Lifestyle; just everything really all in one book. I only got this book recently myself and was wondering why I didn’t get it before! I cannot reccommend it enough; and all the authentic stores and sites sell it so you can’t go wrong with this one!

Explanation of important lessons



Finally; in my essentials list I’d advise this book; it contains all the supplications a Muslim needs to know; and it also has the transliteration although be advised this is not a replacement for learning the Arabic script and language; but it can help.

fortress of the muslim




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