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Now after a long break without posting; my recommended books on the remaining five pillars of Imaan (aside from belief in Allaah) InshaAllaah. There is a series I’d really like to recommend here; it is designed for children and young adults but is very easy to understand and read with illustrations (within the bounds of the rulings on picture making) plus it tests you on what you have learnt; at the end. This is the 2nd book in the series but there are 6 titles. It is widely available; and some branches of dar-us-salam do sell the full set; at a discount.

Knowing The Angels-Part 2 in Eemaan Made Easy Series

Next another wonderful series; more designed for older readers. It is somewhat more expensive; and also quite advanced with several extra volumes available; but if you really want full and in-depth knowledge on the topic; it is ideal InshaAllaah.

Belief in Allaah part of Islamic creed series

Finally two books that condense the above topics; into one volume. The first is very simple and concise; the second is more in depth but still easy to understand.

Islamic Creed Based on Qur\'an and Sunnah


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