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Now after a long break without posting; my recommended books on the remaining five pillars of Imaan (aside from belief in Allaah) InshaAllaah. There is a series I’d really like to recommend here; it is designed for children and young adults but is very easy to understand and read with illustrations (within the bounds of the rulings on picture making) plus it tests you on what you have learnt; at the end. This is the 2nd book in the series but there are 6 titles. It is widely available; and some branches of dar-us-salam do sell the full set; at a discount.

Knowing The Angels-Part 2 in Eemaan Made Easy Series

Next another wonderful series; more designed for older readers. It is somewhat more expensive; and also quite advanced with several extra volumes available; but if you really want full and in-depth knowledge on the topic; it is ideal InshaAllaah.

Belief in Allaah part of Islamic creed series

Finally two books that condense the above topics; into one volume. The first is very simple and concise; the second is more in depth but still easy to understand.

Islamic Creed Based on Qur\'an and Sunnah


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Bismika Allaahumma wa bi Hamdika, Ash-Hadu an La ilaaha illa ant, Astaghfiruka, wa atoobu ilayk. Amma Ba3ad.

Asalaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatu

I am writing this blog because I meet many new Muslim sisters; who have just taken their shahadah and they lack support and credible; sound sources of information. Many fall prey to extreme movements; individuals or become disillusioned and sadly leave the deen. In this modern society many sisters have to look to the internet for information about Islam due to their location and personal circumstances, and this can be very confusing; there is a lot of misinformation out there both from non-Muslim and purportedly Islamic sources.

Now to clarify a few things, I am not a scholar nor will I ever claim to be, this blog is not designed to make fatwas or rulings; rather it is to aid the new muslimah on her path with Islam and seeking knowledge. I wouldn’t recommend seeking all of your knowledge from any website; including mine. I will InshaAllaah be posting articles of benefit; but they will be linked back to the original source; for your reference. Please note the articles I will link to; are free to share but my blog is not specifically endorsed by the sites in question. Secondly this blog is to share my own experiences; some things I write will be quite personal; though anonymous and within the boundaries Islam places for us in such matters; sometimes personal experiences can really be of help in explaining certain things.

Secondly this blog is written from the standpoint of someone who, InshaAllaah, aims follows Qur’an and Sunnah according to Ahl-us-Sunnah wa’al Jama’ah, from the understanding of the ulema from amongst the companions, tabi’een, tabi tabi’een, salaf and right up until modern times.   I do not adhere to any sect or group; although I try to adhere to the salafi methodology.  The salafi methodology is based purely upon interpreting the texts according to the ways that have been clearly shown in the hadith literature; and the reports and writing of the earliest scholars; as well as being the way that the four imams were upon; it is not a seperate sect or an extreme group (in fact the salafi scholars warn both against extremism and group-ism); and InshaAllaah in later posts I will aim to clear up some common misconceptions about it.

All good in this blog is from Allaah ta’ala and all bad is from myself; if you see any errors of any type in my blog please bring them to my attention by posting a comment on them so that they may be corrected as soon as possible InshaAllaah.

Umm Abdullaah

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